Alamo Photo Booth

As a collaborator with Alamo Photo Booth, a small business woman-owned and operated in San Antonio, my role entails contributing to the creation of compelling designs for ads, social media, and on-site signage, aimed at capturing the essence of the brand. Whether it's crafting promotions or refining the visual identity, my focus is on ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing presence that reinforces Alamo Photo Booth's commitment to providing exceptional photo booth experiences.

Alamo Photo Booth logo


Alamo Photo Booths' logo intricately merges the Alamo silhouette with a camera aperture, blending tradition and innovation seamlessly. This fusion embodies the commitment to capturing timeless moments with a contemporary edge. Enhanced by elegant fonts, the logo exudes sophistication, mirroring the excellence brought to every event.

Alamo Photo Booth Business Cards

Business cards

Alamo Photo Booths' business cards feature a modern design on clear substrate, adding sophistication to the brand. The film reel design enhances the identity, emphasizing the commitment to memorable moments and elevated experiences.

Alamo Photo Booth Ads
Alamo Photo Booth Ads
Alamo Photo Booth Ads

Alamo Photo Booth Ads

Alamo Photo Booths' ads adopt a professional tone, conveying key points clearly. Each ad is concise, focusing on aspects that distinguish the brand. The purpose is to highlight the brand's unique features, like innovative design elements and commitment to excellence.

Alamo Photo Booth T-shirt

Alamo Photo Booth T-shirt

Alamo Photo Booths' employee T-shirt design boasts an intricate motif. This visually stunning design reflects our commitment to delivering top-quality photo booth experiences.

Video+Motion Graphics

The videos for Alamo Photo Booth provide dynamic glimpses into the unforgettable experiences of renting their photo booths. Shared on social media platforms, they enhance brand awareness by showcasing the excitement and joy the booths bring to events.

Alamo Photo Booth Fridge Magnet

Fridge Magnets

These magnets not only serve as functional d├ęcor but also enhance brand awareness. Each magnet serves as a nostalgic reminder of the fun-filled moments captured at the booths, ensuring that cherished memories are always close at hand for those who attended the event.

Farm To Market Web Desktop
Farm To Market Mobil Desktop

Web Site Design Desktop+Mobil

Alamo Photo Booth's web design ensures a seamless user journey from homepage to booking. Captivating visuals and intuitive navigation set the tone, while clear menus simplify finding information. The streamlined booking process makes selecting dates and add-ons effortless. Overall, the design prioritizes user-friendliness for easy information access and booking.