The title of the book refers to the photographers experience as she revisits her homeland, and compares how she used to view it to how she does now. In the collection of images from the photographers homeland, the subjects and the camera positioning have been used to help the photographer re-discover what she once thought she knew. The artist left her homeland as a child in search of opportunities, and her homeland will always remain in her heart.


ADDY Local Silver Book Design 2017

Logotype GIF


The mark takes the idea of the name of the book and it applies it to the typography. The capitalized “E” is flipped to look back and meet the lower case “e”.

Front Cover
Content Page
El Timbinal


Helvetica and Garamond are used to highlight the contrast of the two points in the photographer's life.

Timbinal Layout


facing pages feature different image sizes to support the contrast of the two points in the photographer's life.

Exhibition Check List
Back Cover

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Open Brochoure


This collateral piece is used to guide viewers during the gallery visit.

Closed Brochoure


Utilizing the meaning of the book, the gallery’s corner serves to show a 3D representation of the photographer’s photo series.

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